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Termite Proof

We completely discard termite situation in doors. 100% protection from bugs and rotting wood.

Weather Proof

Steel doors don't shrink or bulge according to weather. The best solution and a weather friendly door.

110% Unbreakable Security

These doors are equipped with reinfoced hinges and locks suitable for high security applications and residences. This gives you best protection from Break-ins.


Plain to Wood Finish Residential Doors

We have a variety of wood finish and embossed designs to satisfy the needs to complete your dream home.
Every design is customised just for you. All doors are coated with specially designed chemical for lost lasting paint adhesion.

What we manufacture are not just doors but are next generation smart doors. This innovation gives you a combination of security, durability, style and aesthetics. Smart doors are made to avoid weather door jamming, stops fire penetration up to 2 hours, high tolerance towards external damage, termite proof and great security.

We bring to you the latest innovation of steel embossing, this makes steel door look like wooden carving with depth design. Steel sheets are embossed with about 4000 tons of pressure to form it into a design of your choice giving you the touch and feel of a wooden finish door, this will also strengthen the steel.

Not forgetting the main value of our doors i.e. durability and strength, our glass doors do the same.
They are made of outer steel frame and tempered glass on the inside, the glass comes in various designs and opacity. These doors can also withstand fire up to 90mins.

What are you waiting for?

Super Smart Doors for your Ultra Modern Homes


Made to Last a Lifetime!

Made from high quality steel and integrated with unbreakable reinforcement and filled with fire proof materials to keep you and your family safe.


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